Aqua Pazza!

May 8

Today’s dishes.


Tataki-style Bonito Carpaccio



Cold Marinated Seasonal Vegetables



Madai Aqua Pazza



Today I made aqua pazza with Madai fillet.

Clams become smaller when stewed, so cook them separately.

Use clam broth to stew Madai.



Finally, mix and voila.



It’s delicious.




1st Marquis de Beau Rond Chardonnay 2022 1,050 yen

Today, it is a standard wine in my house, as well.

As the price of wine continues to soar, this price is precious for a 1,000 yen class Chardonnay.

As an importer, I don’t make a profit at all, and it’s very tough.



2nd Marquis de Beau Rond Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 1,050 yen

This Cabernet is also priceless.

Cool, delicate, and elegance that is the opposite of the dark, rip-off Cabernet.

As always, it is very tasty and very satisfying.