Mediterranean-style Chirashi-sushi

May 5

It’s The Children’s Day.

It was a hot day reminiscent of midsummer.


Today’s dish is Mediterranean-style Chirashi-sushi.



Bachi-Maguro, Bonito, Madai, salmon, Hotaru-ika, shrimp



The Sushi Neta is marinated in olive oil, balsamic, and lemon juice.



Make vinegared rice with fruit vinegar, sweet basil and pine nuts.



Topping with cherry tomatoes and cress.



It’s delicious.



1st Misono Vineyard White Delaware 2023 2,800 yen New arrival

This is the third release of Misono Vineyard in Yoichi, Hokkaido, and this vintage Delaware is still wine, not sparkling wine.

Ripe grapes harvested from 30-year-old organic Delaware vines are fermented with wild yeast without adding anything. After aging in Francois Freres old barrels for 40 days, it is bottled without clarification and unfiltered.

I felt an aroma of raw grapes, white flowers and ripe fruit.

I also felt a long-growing acid unique to Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Delaware’s “BIO” wine is good!



2nd Furano Wine Pinot Noir Asir Furanui 2021

Asir Furanui means “new Furano” in the Ainu language.

It is an ambitious work made by carefully selecting Pinot Noir from Furano and fermenting it with wild yeast.

For a Hokkaido Pinot Noir, it has a darker color.

I felt dense fruits taste with elongated acid.

I also felt a fluffy and gentle nuance that comes from the fermentation of wild yeast.

It’s a very well-balanced wine.

It is a casual, elegant and delicious Pinot Noir.