Ten Phrases of Life Extension Kannon Sutra

Apr. 21

Almost every day for the past two years, I have delivered the Ten Phrases of Life Extension Kannon Sutra written on stationery to the temple.



When I chanted the sutra in the main hall with the priest, tears flowed for some reason.

After the delivery, I felt very refreshed.



Today’s dish.

Sashimi Yuba, Hotaru-ika, Maaji,



Prosciutto, Cherry Tomato and Broccoli Salad






The lasagna was frozen I cooked before.






1st Turckheim Silvaner 2020 1,700 yen

When I want to drink a little better wine than usual today, this Alsace Silvaner is one of my choice recently.

In addition to pure fruitiness, elegant acidity and minerality, there is something fluffy and pleasant that remains.

It’s very delicious.

It went well with the Nikko yuba sashimi that I received as a souvenir.



2nd Ancora Sangiovese 2021 1,080 yen

Since it’s lasagna, I thought it was Italian wine, so I tried Sangiovese from Puglia.

I felt nice fruits, acidity, astringency, and comfortable after-taste, with an exquisite sense of balance.

After all, Ancora is a truly impeccable wine.