I cooked Masoi for Aqua Pazza.

Mar. 27

No Wine Day



Mar. 28

At a local supermarket, I got a fresh Masoi that can be eaten as sashimi.



The start dish was Madai Carpaccio, as often as not.



I cooked Masoi for Aqua Pazza.

It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked aqua pazza.

In the TV drama “Futekisetsu-nimo-Hodogaaru”, I saw that the son of Mucci was making aqua pazza, and I wanted to eat it.



Cherry tomatoes and olives are used raw.

The clams become smaller when stewed, so they are steamed in wine and the fish is cooked in the broth.



Spread spaghetti on a plate.






Well done!

It was ridiculously delicious.




1st Ancola Pinot Grigio 2022 1,080 yen

It is a Pinot Grigio from Lombardy, Italy.

I felt a rich fruitiness, which is the character of Pinot Grigio, pleasant acidity and minerality.

It has a very pure taste and is accented with a slight astringency derived from grape skins.

This is my favorite wine.



2nd Ancora Sangiovese 2021 1,080 yen

The red is Sangiovese from Puglia, Italy.

It has a mellow mouthfeel without any miscellaneous taste.

It has a good balance of fruitiness, acidity, and astringency, and you can drink it smoothly.

Ancora, along with the Marquis de Beau Rond, is the ace of our home drinking wine.

Well, the professional baseball is finally starting.