Family Temaki-Sushi Party

Mar. 25

My son came to Tokyo from Osaka, and today we had a family Temaki-Sushi party.



Hon-Maguro, Mejina, Yari-Ika, Madai, Hotaru-Ika, Salmon, Maaji, Tuna Mayo, Cucumber, Raw Oyster



Temaki-Sushi is very fun for everyone.




1st Domaine Mon Kerner AR 2022

It is a petillant made from 100% Kerner from Aki Vineyard in Noborimachi, Yoichi, Hokkaido.

I felt gentle foam, gentle mouthfeel and pleasant fruits flavor.

The aroma of yeast and the flavor of apples often found in Yoichi Kerner.

The wine of Domaine Mont is very unique and natural.

I like this.



2nd Bodega Bouza Albarino 2023

It is an Albarino from Uruguay that my son is in charge of importing at some wine importer.

The question, “Does Uruguay make wine?” is “Does Japan make wine?”

It is a stupid question on a par with.

It seems that most of the major grape varieties, including Tana, are cultivated.

I’ve had a few bottles of Uruguayan wine before, but this is my first time with Albarino.

This has an atmosphere similar to Japan wine.

I felt pure and beautiful fruits flavor, transparent acid and sharpened minerality.

It is a wine with a supple and gentle taste.

Well, this is very delicious.

It’s a great wine.



3rd Cyclo Vineyards Madison Pinot Noir 2020

A red wine made from Pinot Noir grown in the Yaehara of Tomi, Nagano Prefecture.

It is fermented by the whole bunch method in stainless steel tanks.

At first, it has a light mouthfeel.

But it’s packed with the flavor of a good Pinot Noir.

I felt very charming mouthfeel, moderately pleasant acidity and mild minerality.

Well, this is a delicious Pinot Noir.

The deliciousness of Pinot Noir is expressed very well.