Today, March 15th, is

Mar. 14

I had a severe abdominal pain from the evening.

Yesterday, at “solo karaoke”, it seems that the explosive eating of potato chips, kissing chocolates, and mixed nuts was a disaster.

I don’t usually eat any bag sweets, so my stomach seemed to be surprised.

No Wine Day.



Mar. 15

Abdominal pain continues.

Today, March 15th, is the wedding anniversary of ours.

It’s our 38th wedding anniversary. (The photo is a wedding after-party. You still have a little bit of hair, don’t you? )



Please forgive me for talking about private things that have nothing to do with wine.

In fact, my wife, “daimajo-sama” who appears in this diary, has been suffering from dementia for about three years.

It has been about a year since I found out that it was not the well-known Alzheimer’s type, but an incurable disease called progressive supranuclear palsy.

It is a disease for which no cure has been established, and it is difficult to do anything but watch the progression.



The reason why I started cooking every day, and why there are fewer “daimajo-sama” stories, is because of my illness.

Dementia in juvenile cerebral palsy progresses quickly and is already severe in the fourth degree requiring long-term care.



She could no longer do anything about her daily life, such as washing my face, using the toilet, bathing, or eating, without assistance.

She can hardly speak, let alone read. She was often on the bed during the day.

Recently, it has become difficult to walk, so we have installed a lift on the stairs.



I was advised that she would normally be taken care of at a nursing home, but I continue to take care of her at home because of my thoughts.

Even in this state, she still love wine, and she drink a lot of good wine.

I don’t think she want to be able to enter the facility and not be able to drink wine.



Even though it is home care, we have received support from many people, including home medical care, nursing, helpers, and care managers.

I am truly grateful and grateful every day.


Unfortunately, due to this disease, it seems that we do not have much time left.

There are times when I am overwhelmed by nursing care, housework, and the work of a consultant who continues to work at home, but I want to cherish the time I can spend with my wife.



Even though it’s our wedding anniversary, I can’t drink wine because I have a stomachache from binge eating.

I let out a weak sound and felt a little better.

Thank you to everyone who read my diary today. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your continued support of the Perogubi Wine Diary.