Chase the Grape

Feb. 5

There was heavy snow in Machida, Tokyo.

Today is a No Wine Day.



Feb. 6

In the morning, I shoveled snow around the house.

The snow was like a sherbert with plenty of moisture.

It was heavy, heavy, and it was a very hard job.



Today I’m going to make a Kiritampo-Nabe.



In the morning, I stewed two pieces of chicken bone and took the soup.



Kiritampo, it’s delicious!





1st Chase the Grape Field Blend 2021 2,800 yen

It is made by Koshu and Muscat Bailey-A from Kofu City and 10% Chardonnay from Katsunuma.

Since it has undergone maceration-fermentation, it has a faint pink color.

Compared to immediately after release, the thickness of the pulp has increased and the acid has come out firmly.

I thought it was quite delicious.

This is already sold out.



2nd Chase the Grape Chill Red 2021 3,135 yen

Muscat Bailey A from Katsunuma is blended with Merlot from Manriki Yamanashi and a very small amount of Eastern European grapes from Katsunuma.

It is fermented by wild yeast with no sulfite additives.

At first, there was a reducing odor, but it soon disappeared and a gentle fruit flavor appeared.

It has a gentle natural flavor.

Isn’t it good?

This one is still in stock.