Outlet Sale

Feb. 21

It was the first day of our “Outlet Sale” in February.

We released slightly package damaged bottles at once with big discounts.




A lot of bottles were sold out.

Thank you so much!





1st Famille Quiot Q.E.F. Rose 2014 1000 yen

This rose is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grown in Provence.

The winery was established in 1748 in Chateaunouf-du-Pape.

I was sure again it was a so nice rose wine.

I felt very dense fruits and charming red berries.

Delicious! So delicious!



2nd Famille Quiot Q.E.F. rouge 2013 1000 yen

The red is made from 100% Syrah grown in South-Rhone.

Is this a really Syrah 100%?

I felt really elegant red berries, silky tannin and comfortable after taste.



I couldn’t believe this only 1000 yen.

Super discount!