The end of October

Oct. 30

No Wine Day



Oct. 31

It’s the end of October.

Are there only two months left in the year、、、


Today’s dish.

Kuhada-Maguro and Sea Bream Sashimi



Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes and Prosciutto Salad



Doria with Seafood and Mushrooms



Doria is delicious!






1st Bellwood Vineyard Collection Superiuere Koshu 2022

Bellwood Vineyard is a small winery in Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture.

Mr. Suzuki, who is the owner & winemaker, produces a craft man ship wines.

This one is made from the northern limit of Koshu grapes, harvested in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata.

It is carefully macerated, and the supernatant of the wine is bottled in a non-filtered.

At first, it has a tropical aroma and fruits flavor reminiscent of bananas and papaya, and later it has a beautiful acid with a strong sense of transparency, and a strong minerality.

As a Koshu wine, it has a considerable voluminous feel.

Hmmm, Yamagata’s Koshu should be afraid, isn’t it?



2nd Diamond Sake Brewery Chante Chabudai Rouge 2021

Hmmm, Muscat Bailey A, but amazingly delicious.

First, I felt the smell of reduction.

As soon as it disappears, the flavor of the red fruit explodes.

Pure and natural.

The more people who have swallowed the wine, the more likely they will understand how amazing this wine is.

It is one of the few Japan wines that I can recommend buying by the case.

It’s amazing, it’s delicious, it’s grateful.