A day trip to Toyama

Oct. 2

No Wine Day



Oct. 3

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning.

I had a day trip to Toyama.



I took the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

Before the Shinkansen was built, Toyama was not a place to go on a day trip.



While looking at Toyama Bay, I arrived at Shin-Takaoka Station in less than 3 hours.



Today, I participated in a meeting at the head office of wine importer GRN, which I serve as a consultant, located in Wakatsuru Shuzo.



After the meeting, we visited the Saburomaru Distillery in the same place.



Wakatsuru Suzo has been making whiskey since 1952.



Japan due to the boom of whiskey, this Sunshine Whiskey is now very popular.



In particular, Moon Glow, a blend of malts from the early days of its establishment, is an extremely difficult rare whisky to obtain.



It is a very, very quaint distillery that has been renovated from the original building.

Pot stills are cast using Takaoka’s traditional casting technology.



It’s also amazing to see a living malt.



After the tour, we will refuse to pick you up at the Shinkansen station and transfer to the local train.



From Abuden Station on the JR Johana Line to Takaoka Station.



From the inside of the two-car train, you can see the Tateyama Mountain range in the distance.





From Takaoka Station, take the “Ainokaze Toyama Railway” to Toyama Station.





“Toyama Hakobune “ at Toyama Station is the highlight of the Toyama day trip.



You can enjoy all the local sake of Toyama and the wonderfully fresh seafood of Toyama Bay.




In the short time of waiting for the Shinkansen, I tasted Sanshoraku.



Wakatsuru Shuzo Gen Junmaishu.



The sake of Toyama you drink here is really delicious.



The white shrimp tempura is exquisite.

I don’t think you can eat it in Tokyo.



On the Shinkansen, a can of wine imported by GRN.

I bought it at the station kiosk.



Today, it’s almost NHK’s Rokkaku Seiji TV show.

It was a lot of fun.