Vesak Festival Today

Arp. 8

It was the Vesak Festival today, the birthday of Buddha.


I went to temples near my home.











Then I cooked dinner.

Bonito Sashimi



Cobb Salad



Wagyu Beef Steak



Very good!




1st al & dile Pinot Grigio 2019  1650 yen

It is made from 100% Pinot Grigio grown in Veneto by sustainable method.

It is one of my most favorite Italy wines.

I felt rich fruits, beautiful citrus and very fine minerals.

I always become happy when I taste this one.

Very good!



2nd al & dile Merlot 2018  1650 yen

This Merlot is a sustainable wine made in Veneto, too.

I felt concentrated fruits, rich acidity, elegant tannin and long after taste.

It is a very good Merlot.

It was very good for Wagyu Steak today.

I love al & dile!