I cooked Oden

Jan. 25

The big freeze, which is once a decade the weather forecast said, has come.


I cooked Oden for a dinner today.



Very good!




1st Bellecourt Blanc de Blanc NV  1480 yen

I am always not able to decide which wine I should choose for Oden.

Finally, I chose a sparkling wine today.

IT is made from Airen and Maccabeu grown in Languedoc.

I felt mild babbles, clean fruits and charming citrus.

The style is pure and light.

Such simple sparkling wine is good for Oden, I think.



2nd Obuse Winery Sogga Pere et Files Cepage Hybrid Rouge Vin de Table 2021

It is the basic class red wine in the winery.

It is made from mainly Bailey-Alicante, which is a Japanese hybrid grape, grown in the estate vineyards in Nagano.

I felt a lot of red berries with a sharp acidity.

But the mouthfeel was very comfortable.

It was very easy to drink.

The price is outstandingly reasonable.

It was very good for Oden, too.