Japan Clairet Comparative Tasting

Oct. 21

No Wine Day



Oct. 22

I cooked dinner.


Madai Carpaccio 



Green Salad 


Pork & Apple Saute



Very good!




1st Kumamoto Wine Kikka Cabernet Sauvignon Clairet 2018  3273 yen


2nd Kobe Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Clairet 2021  3200 yen


I tried a comparative tasting with the two Cabernet Sauvignon Clairet made in Kumamoto and Kobe in Japan.

Both of the wines have a real character of aroma and flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Because Kumamoto is four year matured, I felt a soft fruits touch and dry taste.

As Kobe is a young vintage, I felt very fresh fruits, nice acidity, slight tannin and comfortable mlouthfeel.

Both of the wines were very nice.

They showed a good potential of Cabernet Sauvignon Clairet, I think.

Personally, I like a fresh Kobe Clairet.