Kobe Reserva made by Hakutsuru Sake Brewery

Aug. 14

I received sample wines from Kobe Winery.

They are the bottles of Hakutsuru Sake brewery project.

I tried to taste them.



1st Kobe Reserva Chardonnay Non-Filtration 2021  3,500 yen Sample Tasting

It is made from 100% Chardonnay grown in Kobe Hirano Vineyard by the staff of Hakutsuru Sake Brewery, which is the biggest sake brewery in Japan.

I have joined in the project as the wine consultant.



I went to the vineyard and winery every month from April and work hard there.



The grapes had a big damage because of the record rainfall in the middle August.

However, we selected only good grapes very, very strictly.



These grapes were fermented by cold temperature with very little sulfur and bottled by non-filtration.



The looks was turbid because of non-filtration but the taste was very pure and clean.

I was impressed in very comfortable fruits and very nice citrus.

I like this complex flavor and good minerals very much.  


Thanks of our very big efforts, we could get very fine Chardonnay wine.

Only 1,000 bottle produced.

The release is expected the middle September.



2nd Kobe Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Clairet 2021  3,500 yen Sample Tasting

It is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grown in the estate vineyard in Kobe Oshibe-Tani by the staff of Hakutsuru Sake Brewery.



I was in charge of the grape growing and wine making with staff of Hakutsuru as well as Chardonnay.

There were a lot of damaged grapes because of huge rainfall.

Many staff of Hakutsuru worked very hard for the grape selection.



Only very fine grapes were pressed by hand and fermented without sulfur.




I saw the beautiful crimson color.

I felt beautiful fruits, nice acidity, slight tannin.

I also felt the typical character of Cabernet Sauvignon.   



The taste and flavor were very unique and interesting.

Only 300 bottles produced.

The release is expected the middle September, as well.

Please expect it!