The temperature was -16℃

Dec. 26

No Wine Day



Dec. 27

I went skiing in Shiga-Kogen in Nagano.



Last year, all of the plans of skiing were canceled because of the state emergency.

It was the first time I went skiing in these two years.



It was the record cold day today.

The temperature on the mountaintop was -16℃.



It was so cold…



After skiing, I had a buffet dinner at the restaurant of the hotel I stayed today.



I didn’t expect the dinner so much but it was very nice.



Every cooks were delicious.



I ordered a bottle of Joseph Drouhin Chablis 2018.

I didn’t expect the wine so much but it was very nice.



I enjoyed both nice foods and nice wine very much.



After the dinner, I kept tasting wine a little seeing the heavy fall of snow at my room.



How much snow fall we will have tomorrow?