I love Cescon!

Sep. 29

Recently, I don’t have any memory, when, how I went to bed except No Wine Day.






1st Cescon Ribolla Gialla NV. 1100 yen

It is made from 100% Ribolla Gialla grown in Veneto.

It has an outstanding quality in this class, I think.

I felt pure fruits, good citrus and fine minerals.

It has the all tastes I need in white wine.

It doesn’t have any taste I need not in white wine.

That’s really great!



2nd Cescon Raboso del Veneto NV. 1100 yen

The red wine was Cescon, too.

At first, I felt some reductive flavor. 

The flavor disappeared soon.

Then I felt fine red fruits and acidity. 

The mouthfeel was easy and elegant.

It was very tasty.

I love Cescon!