Wine Party at My Home

Jun. 25

No Wine Day



Jun. 26

I invited to my wine friends and had a wine dinner party at home.

It was the first time I had had a wine party at my home in this year.





I cooked Temaki-Sushi.





I got very fresh seafoods at my favorite fish market.








I did a good job, I think.





I opened many bottles mainly Vitis labrusca.





Almost all of them were very unique and nice.

Some of them were strange.





Finally, I opened Vogue Musigny V.V. 2018.

I bought it with 1,000 US$!





It was very nice as I expected.

We enjoyed the expensive taste.





I might open too much wine.





After the wine party, I went to a walking.

Then I became missing.

I came home after 1 hour 30 minutes after missing.

I didn’t have any memory.

I got damages with my hand and my iPhone.



I was terribly scored by daimajo-sama.

Bad job!