Farm Working and Discussion

Jun. 7

I moved to Kobe from Osaka.





I went to Inji Vineyards, which is the estate vineyard of Kobe Wine, and did a farm working.







It was a part of corroborated wine making with Hakutsuru Sake Brewery and Kobe Wine.





Mr. Adam Schneider, who is a wine agent and friend of mine, joined in the program.




We took care of Chardonnay vines with stuff of Hakutsuru.







It was a very hot day.

The temperature rose over 30℃.



It was a heavy job.





After the vineyard working, we moved to Kobe Winery and had a meeting with winemakers of the winery.




We discussed about the style of our new wines.







The discussion was heated up, too.







I think we have done a good job.





Finally, I took a shinkansen train and went back to Tokyo.







I had a nice dinner on the train, as well.





Very good job!