Night Cherry Blossoms

Mar. 30

I had a very nice Unagi lunch at an excellent Unagi restaurant near my home.









1st Estezargues Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2019  1430 yen

I wanted to taste some BIO wine today, too.

Then I opened this one again.

I felt very, very natural touch.

It’s the taste I wanted.



2nd Chaise The Grape Chenin Blanc 2020  2750 yen  New Arrivals

It is made by my son from Chenin Blanc grown in South Africa.

I tasted this one at the second time.

I felt very clear acidity.

My son said, Because the grape Chenin Blanc has a lot of malic acids, you fell a sharp acidity.

I also felt very natural-fine fruits and good minerals.

I was sure again it is a very fine Chenin Blanc.





After dinner, I went out the river near my home and saw the cherry blossoms.