Business trip to Kansai

Oct. 2

No Wine Day



Oct. 3

No Wine Day



Oct. 4

I took the first train from my home very early in the morning and went to Osaka.

It was the first business trip in these two months.



At first, I visited to La Gourmaison, which is a popular wine shop in Ashiya Kobe.



We have a very long relationship of the wine trading.



I was happy to see a lot of Relax Wine.



After business meeting, I took a photo with Mr. Iwasaki, the manager of La Gourmaison.



Thank you very much!



Then we had a very fine lunch at some very high tower restaurant.



We enjoyed very nice dishes with a beautiful Osaka view.




We tasted a bottle of Koshu white wine and New Zealand Pinot Noir.





It was a very nice lunch.




Then I went to R the Wine Shop in Okamoto Kobe.




It is a very popular wine shop for wine connoisseurs.



Mr. Watanabe, the owner of the shop, used to be a member of the stuff in Cave de Relax.

The shop has reached the seven anniversary in this month.



There were many fine wines.

The wine selection is very unique and individual.



I was sure that here is one of the top wine shops in West Japan.

Congratulations!  Watanabe-san!





Finally, we had a very fine Chinese dinner near the wine shop.






It was a very long and very nice day and night today.



Thank you very much!