I was scared

Sep. 7

I turned 61 years old today.

By the way to go home from Hakone, I got terrible storm rainfall while the driving.

I couldn’t see anything.

It was as if I drove under a waterfall.

I was so scared!



After I came home, I cooked dinner Temaki-Sushi.




1st Gassan Wine Soleil Levant Koshu Sur Lie 2018  2200 yen + tax

It is made from 100 % Koshu grown in Shonai Yamgata.

The area is the northern limit of the growing of Koshu grape.

I like the ripe fruits and nice minerals.

Especially, I was impressed in the pure and massive acidity.

It is a very fine and unique Koshu Wine.

It was very good for sushi today.


2nd Kusunoki Winery Pinot Noir 2018  3600 yen + tax

I bought this one at the winery in April 2019.

I felt delicate fruits, good spice hint and elegant tannins.

I also felt some voluptuous nuance, which is the typical character of Kusunoki Pinot Noir.  

I felt a good body, too, even though alcohol degree is low, only 11%.

The back label says ” The best drink is from late 2011.”

I enjoyed this one very much even the time is earlier.