Alcohol Dgree

Oct. 30

Even though I still had some damage hanging over yesterday, I drank, too.




1st Cescon Sauvignon 2014  1080 yen

The vintage has changed and the label has changed, too.

As the letter has become bigger, my aged eyes are able to recognize it easier.

The alcohol degree is not high (11%).

It was very tender for my damaged body.

I felt very fine citrus, fruits and minerals.

Tasty! Tasty!



2nd Camino Iberico Tempranillo 2012  1230 yen

The alcohol degree is only 13% even it is a Rioja red.

It was very good for my body, too.

I felt very charming and concentrated red & black berries.

Also I had a very good balance between acidity and tannin.

Tasty! Tasty!