Cescon Prosecco

Oct. 19

I cooked dinner, Temaki-Suhi.




There was a home-made “Salmon Caviar” from the egg of the salmon fish.

The “mother and children” temaki-sushi was so delicious!




1st  Cescon Prosecco Extra Dry  1580 yen   New arrivals

It is a brand-new sparkling wine from Cescon in Veneto.

This procecco is obviously different from ordinary industrial ones.




I like very much this charming fruits, elegant babbles and clean after taste.

It was very good for the sushi tonight.

I want to recommend this for all sparkling wine lovers.



2nd  Cescon Raboso del Veneto 2013   1080 yen

It is Cave de Relax’s best cellar Italian wine.

escon Raboso is always very, very tasty.

I like this elegant acidity, mild tannin and elegant fruits very much.

Thank’s a lot for Alberto, the owner of the winery.

Cescon is so great!