Truckheim & Pork

May 28

I went to Cave de Relax Toranomon Shop today.

It was the first time in these 65 days.

I was happy to see many staff.



Then I cooked dinner.





Green Salad



Sawara Poêle



Pork and Apple Saute with Blackberry Sauce



Very good!






1st Truckheim Riesling 2018  1650 yen + tax

It is made from 100% Riesling by Cave de Truckheim in Alsace.

It is a really, really beautiful white wine.

I like the pure fruits, very good acidity and very, very fine minerals.

It is a truly delicious Riesling.

When I tasted this one, I always remembered that Riesling was outstanding grape variety.

Really delicious!



2nd Truckheim Pinot Noir 2017  1800 yen + tax

What a nice Pinot Noir is this!

I think the paring of pork and fruits is very fine.

I love the attacking red aroma, explosive red berries, elegant tannins and ultra-comfortable mouthfeel.

It is a really cool-delicious Pinot Noir.

It was very good for Pork Saute today.

The price under 2000 yen is amazingly reasonable.