I caught a cold again

Nov. 5

No Wine Day



Nov. 6

I caught a cold again.

I didn’t want to have foods and taste wine.

No Wine Day



Nov. 7

I took a day-off and slept all day long.

Then I got better in the evening.

Finally, I wanted to taste wine.



1st Baron de Beau Rond Blanc 2017 750 yen + tax

Because I wanted to taste an easy white wine, I chose this Languedoc wine.

It is made from Marsanne and Grenache Blanc.

The alcohol degree is 11%.

It is very easy to drink.




2nd Baron de Beau Rond Rouge 2017 750 yen + tax

The red is made from Carignan and Grenache.

The alcohol degree is 12%, which is low as Languedoc red wine.

It’s not only a light wine but also a rich and elegant wine.

I like this fine after taste.

I recovered a lot by tasting fine wines.