Pinot Noir 2

Oct. 3

I cooked dinner, Temaki-sushi.

Ikura, Salmon Cavier, was hand-made by dainajo-sama.








1st Chateau de la Maltroye Bourgogne Aligote 2007

I bought this at our September sale.

It is difficult to find white wine, eight years mature Aligote released form a top class estate winery.

I felt fine-obvious acidity, rich fruits and good mature nuance.



2nd Turckheim Alsace Pinot Noir 2013 1950 yen

I bought this Pinot Noir from a special wine set at our internet shop.

It is also a cool style of Pinot Noir.

The taste is more concentrated than Italian Pinot Noir I tasted last night.

I felt a lot of charming red berries.

It’s so tasty, very good for sushi tonight.